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Why Choose Us?

Custom Shapes and Beveling

Indiana Bevel offers a wide variety of glass shapes, thicknesses, bevel styles, and colors. In fact, we’re the only company in the state of Indiana that offers shape beveling. We can create glass in any shape you require. If you can describe what you want, we can almost always create it.

Exceptional Quality

Indiana Bevel delivers true craftsmanship and old-fashioned workmanship.  We use both manual and automated fabrication to assure our work is accurate.  And our products are guaranteed to meet and exceed all industry standards.

Friendly, Helpful Service

Whether you order glass all the time or seldom and want a professional partner who understands your specific requirements, Indiana Bevel can meet your need.  Our many long-time, repeat customers are a testament to our outstanding customer service.

Fast Turnaround

At Indiana Bevel we take pride in meeting deadlines. Most orders are completed in one to two weeks, but we will work nights and weekends to accommodate rush orders.

Convenient Pick-up And Delivery

For your convenience, Indiana Bevel offers glass pick-up and delivery.


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